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corbillard's Journal

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13th floor elevators, 1977, a streetcar named desire, andy warhol, animal collective, arthur fonzereli, as meat loves salt, atlas sound, batman, bauhaus, be your own pet, beach house, ben whishaw, blondie, blue velvet, bob dylan, bret easton ellis, brian eno, brothers of the head, but i'm a cheerleader, cat's eyes, catwoman, chloë sevigny, community, cq, crispin glover, dandi wind, david bowie, david lynch, debbie harry, deerhunter, demetri martin, divine, drugstore cowboy, edward gorey, fan death, faris badwan, fight club, george harrison, grizzly bear, gus van sant, hans christian andersen, harold and maude, heathers, hello kitty, interpol, jack nicholson, jeffery and cole casserole, jeffrey eugenides, john waters, kids in the hall, lady gaga, lana del rey, le grand meaulnes, magic wands, marianne faithfull, marvelous misadventures of flapjack, matthew gray gubler, middlesex, my own private idaho, nostalgia, oscar wilde, patrick wolf, pavement, picture of dorian gray, poppy z. brite, project runway, psychedelia, public image ltd., rocky horror picture show, sailor moon, sex pistols, shoegaze, simon & garfunkel, simon amstell, six feet under, slowdive, sonic youth, star wars, stephen malkmus, stuart sutcliffe, surrealism, swans, syd barrett, taking woodstock, television, the beatles, the criterion collection, the dreamers, the fearless vampire killers, the horrors, the jerk, the kinks, the mighty boosh, the monkees, the office, the rolling stones, the rules of attraction, the shangri-las, the stills, the touchables, the velvet underground, the virgin suicides, the warriors, thumbsucker, tom verlaine, twin peaks, velvet goldmine, venus as a boy, venus in furs, vinyl, wet hot american summer, winona ryder, yeah yeah yeahs